The development of online games themselves are not separated also from the development of computer technology and computer network itself. The explosion of online gaming itself a reflection of the rapid growth of computer network that was formerly a small scale (small local network) to become Internet and continues to expand today. Online games are not the same today as it was when the online games were introduced for the first time. At the time of its first appearance in 1960, the computer can only be used for a second person to play games. Then the computer with time-sharing capabilities so players can play the game can be more and do not have to be in the same room (Multiplayer Games).
1970 when emerging packet-based computer network (packet-based computer networking), the computer network is not only limited to LAN only, but already includes WAN and into the Internet. Online game first appeared mostly simulated war games or aircraft used for military purposes were eventually released and then commercialized, these games then inspire other games that emerged and developed. In 2001 was the peak of the dotcom fever, so that the dissemination of information about online games more quickly


According Ligagame Indonesia (ligagames.com), online games emerged in Indonesia in 2001, starting with the entry of Nexia Online. Online game that circulated in Indonesia itself is quite diverse, ranging from the action genre, sports, and RPG (role-playing game). Carrying more than 20 online game titles circulating in Indonesia. This indicates how much antuiasme gamers in Indonesia and also the size of the games market share in Indonesia. Here is an online game that hadirl in Indonesia: In addition to the games above, there are also games such as Warcraft, Counterstrike, Age Of Empire, Need For Speed ​​Series are also a lot of attention of gamers in Indonesia although not as big game - the games mentioned above. Examples Countersrtike more smoothly played on LAN mode than the Internet because latencynya great and the server fast enough so that when there is a pause game play to make gamers become uncomfortable, as well as with Warcraft and Age of empire.


First Person Shooter (FPS), according to the title of this game takes the view the first in the game so it's as if we ourselves were to be in the game, most of this game takes place battle with the weapons of the military (in Indonesia game type is often called game shooting -shot). Real-Time Strategy, is a game that emphasizes the greatness strategy game players, players usually play not only one character alone but a lot of character. Cross-Platform Online, a game that can be played online with different hardware for example need for speed undercover played online on PC and Xbox 360 (Xbox 360 is a hardware / console game that has connectivity to the internet so that you can play online) , Browser Games, a game played in a browser such as Firefox, Opera, IE. Terms by which a browser can play this game is a browser supports javascript, php, and flash. Massive Multiplayer Online Games, is a game where players play in the world of large scale (> 100 players), each player can interact directly as well as real world Based on graphics technology 2 Dimensions, games are adopting this technology an average game that included a light, do not overload the system. But the game with picture quality 2D unsightly when compared with 3D games so that the average online games now adopting 2,5D technology that is where the character played still is 2D but 3D environment have been adopted. 3-D, 3-dimensional-type game is a game with a good grapis in representations of reality, most of these games has a displacement camera (angle) to 360 degrees so we can see the whole world these games. However, 3D games ask a fairly high specification computers in order to see the 3D game displayed perfectly.


Online game appears not only affect the social life of the players in the real world but also sometimes affect a person's psychological if played too long.

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